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What makes a memorable wedding speech?

Apr 19, 2016
how to deliver a memorable wedding speech

Our top tips to make your speech one to last a lifetime.

So far you have survived the morning preparations, a beautiful wedding ceremony, smiling for hours at the family photos and now it’s your time to stand up and deliver the wedding speech. Can you make the guests laugh, cry, and reminisce all at once?

Here are our Wedding Co-ordinator’s top four tips to keep in mind;

1. Google – Friend or foe?

We are all guilty of saying ‘Google it’ when you need some help, but when it comes to your wedding speech, it’s best to stick to being original and personal! Of course typing in ‘what makes a good wedding speech’ can be very helpful for ideas, or to make sure you don’t miss those important points – but once you have the outline for your speech, fill it with your own stories and jokes to make it unique. Top tip number one is – don’t be cliché – keep it original, personal and unique.

2. Prepare and practice

There’s nothing more daunting than standing up in front a room full of people, and then…blank! Top tip number two is to be prepared and don’t ‘wing it’. There is an element of ‘spur of the moment’ jokes which, of course, adds to the greatness of your speech – however having a few prompt cards written ensures you cover all bases and reminds you to say all the things you want to say on the big day!

3. Keep to the point

There is a nice happy medium when it comes to the duration of your speech. A 45 second job won’t really cut it but half an hour is perhaps a little on the ‘over doing it’ side. Keep it between five to 10 minutes and be sure to have a few trial runs and time yourself too! Best men, remember it’s the happy couples day… not yours! Keep it short enough to hold everyone’s attention but not too long to lose it again. That’s top tip number three, and remember, those prompt cards will come in useful again.

4. State the obvious

It may seem fairly obvious, but be sure to mention the happy couple, the beautiful bridesmaids, the stunning bride and the families. Yes, everyone has said it all day, but don’t cut it out just because you think it’s been said enough. People love to hear these things! Although many will state that they don’t like the limelight, deep down they’ll most likely want to be paid tribute to on their wedding day. So tip number four is, don’t forget about the compliments!

Thanks to our Wedding Co-ordinator here at West Park for providing these handy tips! Fancy a chat with her to discuss your special day? Feel free to get in touch.

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