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Top Tips for Hosting a Successful Conference

Mar 10, 2016
Delegates enjoying themselves at a successful conference

The goal of every business conference should be for their conference to be one that people talk about later. Reaching that goal is not always easy, but it is certainly achievable.

Tip #1 Comfortable Conferences

One of the best ways to keep attendees engaged with your conference is to keep them comfortable in their surrounding environment. This can be done by adding coffee stations, Wi-Fi connectivity and charging stations to your common areas. The goal of course is to keep your guests on-site between sessions and West Park boast fast, free and reliable Wi-Fi across our meeting rooms to allow your delegates to be fully connected throughout their conference.

Tip #2 Have a Guest Speaker:

A speaker that is not connected to the business will often be able to attract more attention. To create more interest at a conference, it might be a good idea to hire a celebrity speaker for the event. If people know of the person they are going to hear, they may be more intrigued about the conference.

Tip #3 Remember the Importance of Personal Contact:

Web conferencing may have become more popular, but it cannot completely replace the need for conferences where people can actually meet face to face. The conversations and the events that transpire play an important role in the success of a conference.

Tip #4 Choose the Venue Wisely:

One of the things that people will remember about a conference is where it is held. The venue needs to be a place people enjoy going to and that makes fiscal sense. Delegates will also remember the quality of the food, its quantity, variety, and the punctuality of service. If all of this is correctly managed the delegates will certainly feel better disposed towards the event experience.

Tip #5 Have a Reasonable Budget:

The budget for a conference will play a large role in what people say. If the conference is done on the cheap it will make people wonder if the company is just cheap or in trouble. If the conference is too extravagant, the attendees might wonder where the money came from. A great conference will find a balance in this area. Here at West Park, we offer various meeting packages that suit a wide range of budgets and requirements.

Tip #6 Follow Up:

One of the most important steps occurs after a conference. It is important to find out what people liked and what they did not. Without this information there is no way to improve on what was done in the past. After a conference is over, you want people to keep talking. The conference may be the only way to communicate a message. A successful conference is one that allows that message to be repeated and spread but you should also encourage delegates to follow up their interactions with each other in order to maximise their connections.

Following these tips will help your delegates to have an enjoyable and memorable conference that they will then go away and tell people about. Contact West Park to find out more about organising a successful conference within the heart of Dundee and close to several major transport links.

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