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Planning a surprise party?

Jun 20, 2016
Friends surprise the guest of honour at a party.

Almost everyone loves a surprise party, but they can be tricky to plan. Here are our stress-free tips for throwing a top secret celebration. 

Time it right

Whatever the celebration, whether it’s your parents’ 25th silver wedding anniversary, your husband’s 40th birthday bash or your daughter’s 21st party, start by picking a date leading up to, or on the special occasion. Any time after that and your loved one will think you have forgotten.

Get organised  

Once you’ve set the date and found the perfect venue, everything else will start to fall into place. Depending on your budget and number of guests, you may choose to have a big celebration with entertainment or an intimate dinner party.  West Park offers party packages which include room hire, catering, and dedicated event co-ordinators, to ensure your evening runs like clockwork. If you’re planning entertainment, most venues can accommodate a live band or DJ, you just need to let them know in advance.

Invite the guests

Think about your guest list carefully, as this will have an impact on your budget and the size of the room you will need to hire at your chosen venue. Inviting the right mix of people, who all get on, will create a fun party atmosphere and ensure your loved one has a great time. It’s a good idea to invite your guests individually, or keep the guest list to close friends and family. That way they will know it’s a surprise and there’s less risk of someone accidentally spoiling it.

Keep them in the dark

If you don’t mention the special occasion at all they may become suspicious and sabotage your plans. You’ll need an excuse up your sleeve, like a family meal at their favourite restaurant. Make sure you tell your guests your alibi, so everyone can go along with it. You’ll also need a reliable chaperone to bring your guest of honour to your chosen venue.

Planning a surprise party can be a daunting task but once you’ve followed these steps all you need to remember is to get everyone to shout ‘SURPRISE!’

We know that every celebration is different, so if you need more advice on planning the perfect celebration, our events co-ordinator here at West Park would be happy to help. Just get in touch.

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