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Five things you need to organise an evening dinner party

Jan 21, 2015
Five things you need to organise an evening dinner party

Whether it’s for a wedding anniversary, birthday or just a special meal, if you’ve got a dinner party to organise you’ll want it to go perfectly. There’s so much to think about though, where do you start? Check out our list of essentials and your event is sure to be a night to remember:

Plenty of space

Sounds obvious, but make sure the space you’ve hired has got the right amount of room. The last thing you want is for your guests to be so close together their elbows are in each other's food, or so far apart they need to shout to have a conversation!

A venue with a range of rooms to choose from is ideal, and at West Park we have several beautiful function suites which cater for different numbers of guests, from 20 to 200. Drop our Events Team an email and they’ll be happy to have a chat with you about your requirements.

A tasty menu

It goes without saying that a delicious menu at a reasonable price is a must. Lots of venues will have a set price menu, which is a great idea for a private party as everyone can order what they want beforehand to save time and hassle on the night. Take a look at our celebration menu, our special three course dinner starts from just £21.95 per person.

Car parking

We’ve all been there – when you arrive nice and early for an evening meal out, only to get flustered because there are no parking spaces nearby or you’ve run out of change for the car park. Try and pick a venue that has a decent car park near; ours at West Park has free parking for over 100 cars.

Events support

If you choose a venue that has an in-house Events Team, that’s a huge bonus. They can support you in run up to your dinner party, answering any questions you’ve got, and be there on the night to sort out any last minute niggles so you can just concentrate on having a great time. If you organise your evening dinner party at West Park our friendly Events Team will be with you every step of the way, just get in contact for more information.

A place to rest your head

Wouldn’t it be great if after your dinner party has finished, your guests could just take a short stroll back to their rooms and not have to worry about having a drink or finding a taxi? If you can, find a venue where there’s accommodation nearby and your guests will definitely thank you for it. Better yet, a venue with accommodation included! If you’re organising a summer dinner party at West Park we can offer you preferential rates for our great value en-suite bedrooms.

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