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How to throw a retirement party to remember

Jan 19, 2016
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Is a colleague, close friend or loved one about to start the next chapter in their life? If you’ve been tasked with, or have decided to arrange a party for them to celebrate, here are some ideas to help you ensure they see their career out in style. Here at West Park we hold regular retirement parties, so we feel we’re well equipped to share some of our advice!

Invite a mix of people

If the retiree enjoyed a happy career and developed good relationships with their colleagues over the years, then think about inviting people from various stages of their working life. If you’re keeping it a surprise, imagine the look on their face when they see some old work friends from 20 years ago! A mix of recent colleagues, old colleagues and family members will be perfect.

Arrange the speeches

Think about how many speeches you’d like and who you would like to do them. Is there someone who knows the retiree well, who will be able to bring a good combination of humour and emotion, and be able to celebrate the success of their career? If you’re doing a speech yourself, be sure to dig deep for as many humorous work related stories as possible! You’ll also need to give the retiree an opportunity to give their own speech.

Select the right venue and entertainment

You’re likely to know the retiree better than most, so make sure the venue is well suited to their tastes and that the music or DJ set is right up their alley. You’ll also need to think about food, and that the available options have enough variety to cater to everyone’s diets and tastes. If your chosen location is Dundee, check out the options we have for venue hire here at West Park.

Get everything planned and in place as soon as possible, and you’ll be well set to sending your friend, colleague or loved one on the road to an enjoyable retirement!

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