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Four icebreakers to take to your next networking event

May 15, 2015
Coffee break

For some people walking up to a person you have never met before is as easy as pie, but for others it can be just as bad as walking on glass. If you’re going to network you’ve got to learn how to schmooze with new people.

Here are four Icebreakers to try at your next networking event:

Introduction questions

A great way to overcome your networking nerves is to come prepared with some introduction questions or a list of topics to discuss. Questions about people’s job roles, how they got into the industry or bringing up a recent news story is always a good start.

A good tip is to make a list of topics and notes in your mobile and refer back to them when you can before the event so you don’t forget.

Name tags

If you’re using an online software system to register attendees why not sneak a random question on the end of your registration form as a compulsory option? Something like, ‘What is your favourite film?’ or ‘if you could only take one item on a desert island with you, what would you take and why?’
Instead of creating name tags for people on the day, create tags with the answer to their questions. This is a great way to get people talking on arrival, especially those who could have the same name tag.

Truth and lie

This Icebreaker can be used at a large or small networking event, as long as you have enough people to split into small groups. Each delegate will need to think of one truth and one lie and write them down. Another person in their group will read these out and it’s down to the other members of the group to guess which one is truthful. The more extraordinary the truths the better!

The balloon race

We’ve saved the best till last. This Icebreaker is a lot of fun and requires some steady knees. Firstly, split your networking group up into two even teams and stand in a line opposite one another, facing forward. Each team is to be given a balloon with small letters inside. The idea of this game is to pass the balloon from the beginning to the end of the line only using just your knees.

Once the balloon reaches the end of the line the last person must pop it to release all the letters. The winning team are the first ones to guess the sentence using the letters in the balloon.

To make it more difficult, try different shaped balloons, you’ll soon have your delegates engaged!

If you’re thinking of booking your next networking event at West Park or would like to hear more about our facilities, get in touch.

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