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Five reasons to exhibit at a trade show

Mar 14, 2016
Trade show event

If you’re looking for a different way to reach out to existing and new customers, you might want to consider exhibiting at a trade show. We’ve put together five reasons why this could be beneficial to you and your business.

It’s a friendly way to market and sell your products or services

If you’ve ever been tasked with cold calling or direct mailing, chances are you’re fully aware of how unforgiving it can be. A trade show is a fantastic opportunity to create a rapport with potential customers, and if you have a physical product, it’s a great chance to show it in action. Remember, the attendees are out of the office and on the road, and are therefore likely to be more relaxed and more approachable. It’s much more welcoming than a cold call at 9am on a Monday morning.

You can chat to potential customers

While your potential customers are in that more relaxed frame of mind, it’s a great time to have a chat with them. Find out what appeals to them, is there a particular feature they’re looking for in a product or service which hasn’t yet been thought of? Don’t be afraid of negative feedback, ask them about any bad experiences they’ve had, it’s a great way to ensure your customer service is as good as it can be.

You’ll be raising awareness of your brand

Are people in your target market hearing your brand name or seeing your logo and thinking, ‘what?’ or ‘who’s that’? Branding is important, and sometimes a physical presence can help customers remember. Think about something quirky to put on your stand to really stick in people’s minds. Maybe the product you’re selling is quirky enough? Ensure your logo is displayed on as many of your giveaways as possible.

Your creative side can come out

Unleash that creative flair! As long as your brand guidelines are adhered to, you’ll be able to choose the appearance of your stand and also be able to think about what giveaways to offer your visitors. If your brand is not as well-known as some of the bigger names, think about how you’re going to attract people to your stand. A funky giveaway or fun game to play on your stand could go down a treat. If the games and giveaways can be fun and still kept relevant to your brand, even better!

It’s great for competitor research

The chances are, exhibitors at the same trade show will be selling similar products or services, and will be operating in a similar market to you. If you get chance to nip away from your own stand, go and do some research. It’s an opportunity to build some connections and find out about other people’s experiences within your industry. If this is your first time exhibiting, you’ll also be able to see what materials or technology your competitors are using on their stand.

Be thorough when choosing which show to exhibit at, as this will be crucial in ensuring your audience at the show is the correct one. Once you’ve chosen and booked your spot at a show, start preparing to ensure it’s a success.

If you’re looking to organise a trade show, get in touch to see the options we have available.

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