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Five questions to ask when booking the venue for a school prom

Sep 24, 2015
West Park school prom venue

So you’ve been given the potentially daunting task of organising a school prom. Whether it’s for a primary school or secondary school, the size of this task cannot be underestimated! It’s a huge moment in the lives of many children and teenagers, so you’ll want to make sure everything is spot on. The venue you select can be crucial to the success of the night. Here are five questions to ask staff at the venues.

1.) How many people can it hold?

Yes, it’s obvious! But this is a great starting question. You want to make sure the venue has enough space to cater for the number of people attending. You will most likely require a dance floor as well as areas for people to sit, eat and relax in. Are you hiring a DJ? You’ll need to ensure there’s room for them and their equipment.

2.) Is it easily accessible?

Prom night is a time when people like to go all out! This includes herds of students arriving in stretch limousines. Make sure that the venue entrance is easily accessible. You don’t want your students having a 10 minute walk once they’ve been dropped off!

3.) Is the environment suitable for the age group?

You might want to go and check this for yourself in person, but it’s important to make sure the environment and the scenery is appropriate for your audience. Try and get into the mind-set of the students and judge whether they would appreciate it and feel comfortable and be able to celebrate!

4.) What’s included in the price?

If you’re going out getting quotes, make sure you know everything that’s included. Is food included? Is there a charge for the hire of the room?  Are centre pieces included? Make sure you’re getting fully detailed quotes from the venues you’re contacting. It’s always good to be made aware of any hidden costs.

5.) What facilities are available?

Playing a rolling set of photos of students with some emotional music could be the perfect way to end the night! If you would like to do something like this, you’ll need to check that the venue can provide the facilities required to do so.

Feel free to ask away and don’t be worried that you’re asking too many questions! If you’re looking for a school prom venue in Dundee, why not talk to us? We will happily answer all of the above questions and more.

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