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Five benefits of hosting a party away from home

Sep 10, 2015
A party being held at an external venue

Are you planning a party to celebrate something special? A significant birthday? A Christmas gathering? If you were planning on hosting it at home, we’ve put together five reasons why you should consider hosting it at a venue instead.

Your furniture is safe!

Are you inviting guests who are known to push themselves to the limit when having a few drinks? You won’t have to worry about them spilling beer or wine over your brand new cream carpet! Hosting a party at a venue could be the way to ensure you have a carefree time. We’re not saying you can wreck the place, but you won’t have to worry about washing table cloths and tidying up the rubbish!

A change from the same old scenery

Parties always tend to be more enjoyable when they’re held somewhere different to where you’re used to. Why not be a bit more adventurous and venture away from your normal surroundings? You might even want to book a hotel room and enjoy a mini getaway for the night.

You won’t need to worry about cleaning up

The worst thing about holding your own party is the cleaning up after it’s all over. Everyone has left, the atmosphere has died down, and your house now feels like a ghost town. To compound all of this, the washing up, tidying up and vacuuming is yet to be done! Let the venue staff take care of this for you, and you’ll be able to leave the hard work behind at the same time as all the other guests.

Give yourself a night off from cooking

If you’re preparing food for guests, you’ll no doubt be worrying about allowing yourself enough cooking time to make sure everything’s prepared on time, and presented well. Why not book a venue? Give them the food orders in advance and turn up just as the party is about to start.

You can invite more people

This will be dependent on the size of your house, but are you limited to how many people you can ask? Booking out a larger sized venue will mean difficult decisions like who to leave off the invite list don’t need to be made.

If you’re seeking an enjoyable party without the stress, booking a venue could be the answer. After all, ensuring everyone is enjoying themselves on the night is work enough! If you’re considering hosting a party in the Dundee area, why not take a look at the options and packages we have available?

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