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Build team spirit for 2016 with an away day

Dec 18, 2015
meeting room with delegates

How has 2015 been for you and your team? Have you started thinking about planning for 2016 yet? Maybe a team away day should be considered to help build team spirit and boost morale?

Away days are a great way to break away from the norm

January is the ideal time to get your employees together for a team building exercise off site and away from your normal working surroundings. A change of environment can work wonders, especially at the time of year when team motivation or morale could be lower than normal. Here at West Park we have 15 meeting rooms which we can tailor to your unique meeting or event requirements. You’ll also be able to mix up your regular diet with our delicious refreshment options.

Get to know your team

If you easily get caught up with time consuming day-to-day tasks, and feel like you’re not paying enough attention to your employees, an away day is a great opportunity to escape distractions. You can use the day to get to know your employees, and it will be an opportunity for them to raise any issues or concerns they have.  Paying attention to their feelings regarding work will show them how highly they’re valued. When employees get to know each other on a more personal level, it will allow them to build levels of trust.

Set goals for the year ahead

Whether these are team goals or individual goals, you could set some targets to be achieved in 2016. Discuss what’s required of everyone to achieve them, and let your fellow employees hold a discussion on how they can work together and help each other to reach the agreed targets. If financial rewards can be offered and announced at the start of the year, this will no doubt increase their motivation levels! It’s a good opportunity to remind everyone exactly what they’re working towards. At West Park, our projectors will allow you to make setting out the year’s objectives as visually appealing as possible.

So why not give your staff something to look forward to in January by organising an away day? Increase your team spirit and kick off 2016 with extra motivation - start working towards smashing those targets!

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