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5 things to consider when planning a works Christmas party

Nov 05, 2018
5 things to consider when planning a works Christmas party
  1. How formal should it be?

Christmas parties are a chance to get the whole team together and celebrate the year. For big gatherings an informal party buffet would be a great way of winding down the year in a relaxed environment, mixing senior managers with staff they may not normally work with. This could avoid any awkward-silences.

For smaller tight-knit companies, a sit down meal may be a preferred option. A small group of colleagues who are used to being in each other’s company is a guarantee that the conversation will be flowing and everyone will have an enjoyable night. Here at West Park we offer two-course Prosecco Christmas Parties, which gives everyone a chance to let their hair down with a free bottle for every 5 guests that attend.

  1. Where should you have it?

When planning a Christmas party, the main concern is where you should hold it. Will it be at a pub for an informal atmosphere, a restaurant for a formal atmosphere or an alternative venue with a bit more scope for personal touches? If you’re all in work the next day, a pub night out may not be the wisest option, however if not, a pub crawl could be the perfect way for everyone to let their hair down before going off on their Christmas break. You should consider the age range of your staff, more mature staff may not want to attend a party if it’s all about drinking, so perhaps a restaurant would be a more suitable choice. This would not prevent younger staff from letting their hair down of course. Or perhaps a completely private event in an alternative venue would be preferable. This would be ideal for larger companies with 50 or more staff, where fitting into a normal venue would be almost impossible.

Make sure you book a venue which is easily accessible for every member of staff, and everyone has a safe way to get home afterwards. It would be a good idea to find somewhere close to your workplace.

West Park offer a 2 course Prosecco Christmas Party option

  1. Don’t have your Christmas party in the workplace!

This makes everyone feel as though they can sneak off and finish a bit of work they’ve not got around to, not to mention you can’t relax properly in the place you are supposed to be escaping for the night. Team-bonding will be impossible in a place your colleagues associate with deadlines and stress. Remember that someone has to clean up the mess! Avoid the hassle and just book it externally.

  1. What to wear?

Fancy dress is a popular choice for the work’s Christmas party. Here at West Park we do 70’s and 80’s themed nights, with a prize for the best dressed guest on the night. This could be a great way to inject some fun into the Christmas night-out, and it will show that management do have a sense of humour. Of course you’re not limited to music themes, you could all dress up as film or TV characters, such as characters from The Office TV show for an on-brand theme. If you’re going for a meal you may want to take the chance to dress-up smartly. Alternatively, if you’re going for a more laid-back atmosphere, then a relaxed dress code would be suitable.

  1. When to have it?

Finding a date in the work schedule which suits everyone might cause a headache. We run most of our Christmas Events on Fridays and Saturdays, which are popular days due to staff having a day of recovery afterwards. You also have to consider how close to Christmas it will be. Parties closer to Christmas tend to have less attendee’s, as people are starting to run out of money and may be taking their holidays earlier. Around 2 weeks before Christmas is the most popular dates for work’s Christmas parties, however these spots do get booked up months in advance, so you should book it ASAP if you haven’t already done so.

Of course, due to the nature of some workplaces it may not be possible to have the Christmas Party until the New Year, such as those in the hospitality industry who are too busy hosting everyone else’s Christmas Parties over December. The advantage of this is that you’ll get the pick of venues!

If you're looking for an alternative Christmas party venue for this year then get in touch with us at West Park as we still have dates available in the run-up to Christmas. We offer a variety of formal and non-formal options and have the ability to fit both smaller and larger parties. You can find out more about by visiting our Christmas Parties page or downloading our Christmas Parties brochure (PDF 2.2MB).

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