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How to plan a sports team celebration event

A sports dinner setup in the West Park venue. One way to round off the end of your sporting season or to motivate your sports team is to organise a celebration event or awards ceremony.

Whether it’s a black tie night to celebrate winning the local rugby league, a social gathering for your orienteering team or an awards ceremony to recognise your Tae Kwon Do team’s efforts, West Park has the perfect space available.

Advance planning is the key to creating a successful sporting celebration event, so we’ve put together a checklist to make your event a success:

Choose the right venue.

Make sure the venue is suitable for the size of your party and is within your budget. It should be within easy reach for your guests, ideally with parking facilities, or has accommodation on-site or nearby for overnight stays. West Park has a wide variety of venues, suitable for a small intimate dinner or a gala banquet with a DJ or band, on-site parking and disabled facilities. We also offer comfortable accommodation in the summer months.

Check the venue’s facilities.

It’s important that the venue supplies everything you need to make your event run smoothly, including electrical and audio-visual equipment. West Park’s event experts can arrange tailored events with all the equipment and facilities, so you can enjoy your event without any hitches.

Set a date.

Make sure the date you pick doesn’t conflict with any other events in your guests’ calendars.

Price everything up and decide your budget.

You need to know how much you have to spend on the venue, food, transport, entertainment and gifts.

Select the menu.

An exciting menu that offers lots of choice and caters for special diets if necessary will keep your guests happy. At West Park we offer delicious menus sourced from the finest local ingredients and we cater for special dietary requirements.

Send out your invitations.

This could be a simple email, a text, a poster on your clubhouse’s noticeboard or you could even create a Facebook event to remind your guests to save the date.

Organise your seating plan.

This will help everyone know where they should go when they arrive and it tends to make guests feel more comfortable.

Add some fun.

You’ll want the event to be enjoyable, so arrange to have some images on a large screen or a video playing of your sports team’s highlights or achievements. Holding a raffle with donated gifts from local businesses or friends and family is also a popular choice.

You can find out more about holding your next event at West Park on our Sport events page or contact us to discuss your needs.

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Choosing a party venue

An empty champagne bottle with bright party streamers and an empty champagne glass. Choosing a venue for a party can be lots of fun but it can also be quite daunting if you haven’t done it before. Our events team has shared their top tips to help you choose a perfect party venue, whether it’s for ‘a family do’, a school leaver’s prom or a graduation ball. When planning a party ask yourself:

  • Is the venue the right size?

When you start making enquiries about party venues, the provider will be able to tell you how many people their rooms can accommodate. If you’re hosting an intimate family celebration, you’ll want a cosy room that feels comfortably full but if you’re hosting a graduation ball, you need a spacious, room fit for all your fellow students. Be honest with yourself about how many people will attend- your guests will become irritable if there’s not enough room on the dance floor, but conversely, you don’t want a room that is so large it feels impersonal.

  • Can the room be styled or decorated in a chosen theme?

Some venue providers will offer styles or themes as part of a package, and some will let you decorate the venue yourself. If you want to bring in your own balloons, flowers, or streamers, check what the venue provider is happy with and make sure you have time to set up before the start of the party. West Park offers a ‘Celebration’ graduation ball package where the choice is all yours- you can even book your own DJ or band.

  • Does the party venue have a great entrance?

A fabulous entrance will set the tone for the party. Do you want your guests to come in to the events room through a balloon arch or a flower garland or is the entrance to the venue grand enough on its own? Choose a party venue that is adaptable and that makes a statement.

  • Is the location ideal?

Make sure your party venue is located centrally for your guests and is easily accessible. A stunning view or unique architecture will make the party memorable.

  • Is there a party planner that can help you?

A professional party venue will support you by providing an expert events planner. They’ll help you work out all the detail from music to catering and decorations which can really take the head-ache out of party planning for you. You’re looking for excellent service and attention to detail, so make sure the venue staff leave nothing to chance.

If you’re thinking of planning a party or celebration event and you’re looking for the perfect venue, look no further than West Park.

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