Six tips to survive Dundeeā€™s festive party season

A group of friends celebrate with champagne. The party season is here and it’s time to start getting into the festive spirit. Check out our tips for surviving all those Christmas and Hogmanay parties.

1. Choose the right party night.

If you’re not responsible for your Christmas work’s do, you can always organise a night out for friends in Dundee. West Park still has some limited availability on Christmas party nights and if you’re looking to celebrate a traditional Hogmanay with a Ceilidh and a few drams of whisky, we can offer that too.

2. Go easy.

It’s easy to over-indulge on alcohol at this time of year but stick to the same drinks and drink water in between. This way you’ll pace yourself and be more likely to go the distance, and avoid a pounding headache the next day.

3. Fuel up.

Eat plenty on the day of the party to prevent a hangover. Our Hogmanay Party starts with an indulgent three-course dinner, to give you the staying power to see the New Year in.

4. Charge your phone.

Make sure your mobile is fully charged, so you can send those ‘Happy New Year’ texts or let the babysitter know if you need an extra hour’s partying. 

5. Home bound.

Pre-book your taxi before you head out, no one wants to get caught short once the night has finished. See if you can share a cab with colleagues or friends and then you can split the cost.

6. Hangover SOS.

Hair of the dog and a greasy fry-up are traditional ‘day after’ cures but health experts suggest an Alka-Seltzer, sleep and re-hydrating with water is more effective. Squeeze in some shut-eye and avoid making any commitments to family and friends, so you have plenty of time to recover… for the next party! 

If you’ve left your office Christmas party, friends or family get-together until the last minute, don’t panic; you can still get some great last-minute deals. At West Park, we have some late availability for Christmas and New Year’s parties and we can still squeeze you in for our infamous Hogmanay Party and Hoolie - just get in touch.