Five steps to choosing the perfect engagement ring

A man slips a wedding ring onto a woman's finger whilst she holds a bouquet. Are you planning on popping the big question, but clueless about engagement rings? Or perhaps you’re hoping your Mr Right will get down on one knee? Check out our five tips to help you buy the perfect ring or share this article with the man of your dreams!

  1.  Fix your budget

The tradition is to spend at least a month’s salary on an engagement ring but you should only spend what you can afford. Be determined to only look at rings within your price range to avoid falling in love with one you can’t afford.

  2.  Tune into her taste

Find out your partner’s tastes; what she likes will help you to narrow down the engagement rings on offer. Pay close attention to the jewellery that she normally wears; is it classic or vintage? Which metals does she prefer? Also, ask family and friends for ideas - if you can trust them to keep the proposal a secret!  

  3.  Know the basics

A ring is made up of a band, a gemstone and a setting. The band is the circular part of the ring that sits around the finger and is usually made from gold, silver or platinum. The gemstone is the feature of the ring and is traditionally a diamond for engagement rings. The setting refers to the piece that holds the gemstone in place.

  4.  Diamond jargon busting

You may have heard of the ‘4Cs’ of diamonds. The ‘4Cs’ refer to the cut, carat, colour and clarity of a diamond. The way a diamond is cut gives it its shape. Cut styles include emerald, oval and princess. The weight of a diamond is measured in carats and the average weight of a diamond engagement ring is between half a carat and one carat. Diamonds appear colourless but actually contain subtle shades of colour; the closer it is to having no colour the more valuable it is. Clarity refers to the natural imperfections in a diamond; the fewer imperfections or flaws the greater the clarity and the sparkle (and cost)!

  5.  Pick a jeweller

Choose a jeweller you feel comfortable with; let them know your budget and your partner’s tastes and spend time talking to them about what you want. Sometimes the particular style you like may need to be made, which can take up to four weeks, so factor that into your proposal planning. And don’t forget the boring bits; ask for a diamond certificate, keep your receipt as proof of purchase and consider adding the ring to your content insurance.

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Good luck with your proposal!

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