Classroom training or virtual training? Choosing the best way for your employees to develop

West Park offers facilities for staff training and meetingsTraditional classroom training can offer greater benefits than virtual training, if you choose an inspiring location, a motivating trainer and the right equipment. Check out the advantages of offering training in a classroom environment:

Staying focused  

An inspiring environment means there are fewer distractions and interruptions, so trainees are more likely to concentrate and stay focused. You can take advantage of useful tools, from audio visual equipment and projector screens to flipcharts. West Park, located in the quiet suburbs of Dundee, offers spacious training rooms and all the equipment you’ll need. Providing refreshments and a brain-stimulating lunch will also help your team to stay focused throughout the day. Our menus offer delicious healthy food made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Interact with your trainer

The more interaction your staff have with the trainer, the more likely they are to learn. A good instructor will adapt the training content and the pace to meet your staff’s needs. Face-to-face learning also offers the chance for staff to pick the trainer’s brain.

Share experiences

The downtimes during breaks and over lunch provide ideal opportunities for staff to interact informally with each other. This is of particular value for staff from different teams, as it can help build relationships and break down silos. While online discussion forums provide an opportunity to interact, they don’t match the experience of sharing opinions face to face. West Park provides relaxing spaces both indoors and outdoors for trainees to network.

Removing the desk shackles

Offering some time out from the office environment can be the perfect way to motivate staff. The fresh air and the captivating scenery of West Park should help to build team spirit and get the creative juices flowing again. Opportunities like this can be rare, so your staff should be more likely to seize it with open arms.

If you’re planning a training session, our team at West Park can help you to deliver a successful event. Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.